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Farm Meets Fork Working to unite urban and rural Nebraska by informing families about where their supply of healthy and nutritious food comes from, explaining agriculture innovations and showcasing rural life. Follow the Farm Meets Fork blog for the story of how family farmers bring your family food. Click here to visit the Farm Meets Fork blog.

Farming Today Have you ever wondered what farmers are doing to protect the environment? How they care for their animals? What percentage of the population farms? How healthy and nutritious food they produce is? These questions and more are answered here.

Meet a FarmerThe average person is three generations removed from farming, yet agriculture makes up one of four jobs in Nebraska including farmers and ranchers. Meet Nebraska family farmers who work each day to produce the healthy and nutritious food you and your family enjoy. Click here to learn more about agriculture in Nebraska!

Meet a Farmer Do you enjoy trying new recipes? Do you want a different recipe for dinner tonight? We have the answer for you – each month in Nebraska Farm Bureau News we feature a variety of recipes. Click here to view the recipes!

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